Neogen’s Hormones and Steroids panel includes ELISA kits for the quantitative analysis of Corticosterone, Cortisol, Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone in biological fluid. This group of chemicals is commonly referred to as steroid hormones. They are secreted by four “steroid glands” - the adrenal cortex, testes, ovaries, and by the placenta during pregnancy. All steroid hormones are derived from cholesterol. They are transported through the bloodstream to the cells of various target organs where they carry out the regulation of a wide range of physiological functions.

Neogen's long history of developing ELISA kits has allowed us to be successful in offering dependable, economical and practical solutions for Life Science Research that include:

  • Extensive line of Life Science Research ELISA kits
  • Sensitive and stable assays
  • Easy-to-use protocols
  • Automated & semi-automated equipment packages available
  • Experienced technical support
  • Over 30 years of developing ELISA kits and reagents

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