Oral fluid or saliva drug testing is gaining popularity as a suitable drug testing method. Oral fluid testing offers multiple advantages compared to other methods of drug testing, including a less invasive collection process, reduced risk of sample adulteration and the elimination of privacy issues related to traditional sample collection.

Neogen is an ideal partner to support your laboratory based oral fluid drug screening including workplace drug screening, substance abuse testing, pain management and reference laboratory drug detection programs. We offer multiple oral fluid collection devices including the NeoSal® Oral Fluid Collection System and the UltraSal-2, as well as a panel of oral fluid specific ELISA test kits that are optimised for the NeoSal.

The NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System is designed for maximum ease-of-use at both the collection site and testing laboratory. The NeoSal is intended for the collection of oral fluid samples utilising a buffer system.

NeoSal Features and Advantages:

  • Built-in Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator (SVAI)
  • Stimulant-Free collection pad
  • Quick collection, typically 1-2 minutes
  • Unique collector handle design, prevents sample contamination
  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Automation-Friendly buffer tube (12 X 75 nm)

The UltraSal-2 is a device that is designed for labs that need to collect undiluted or neat saliva samples. The UltraSal-2 allows for split-sample collection and offers graduated markings on the tube to indicate oral fluid volume collected.

Neogen offers an extensive panel of ELISA kits and automated/semi-automated equipment for screening oral fluid samples. Our ELISA kits are immunoassays designed as screening devices for the detection of drug analytes and/or their metabolites in test samples.

Our forensic immunoassays are for screening purposes and intended for forensic use only. It is recommended that all suspect samples be confirmed by a quantitative method, such as HPLC/MS or GC/MS.


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Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Neogen’s oral fluid testing product line includes a panel of oral fluid ELISA kits for Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Opiates, PCP and THC. The kits are optimised with the NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System and offer high sensitivity and excellent reproducibility. Neogen also offers over 100 ELISA kits for the detection of drugs in oral fluid.


NeoSal® Oral Fluid Collection System

The NeoSal™ Oral Fluid Collection System is designed for maximum ease-of-use when collecting oral fluid samples. The NeoSal has a stimulant-free absorbent pad with a built-in sample volume adequacy indicator. The NeoSal contains a proprietary buffer to maximise sample stability and recovery of drug analytes from the pad.


ELISA Equipment

Neogen offers fully and semi-automated equipment for use with our ELISA test kits. All of our ELISA test kits have been optimised for use with these automated platforms. Our fully automated ELISA equipment options offer user-friendly software, precise and accurate liquid handling and simple solutions for high-throughput sample processing requirements. The NeoSal buffer tube (12X75) has been designed to fit directly onto our automated equipment, making high-throughput oral fluid sample processing as streamlined as possible.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Neogen offers a complete line of disposable gloves that is ideal for use in any laboratory setting.