Neogen has unique experience with the screening of breast milk for the presence of drugs of abuse. We have worked with multiple breast milk banks to integrate and validate a screening program to ensure the safety of donated milk samples. Our products and expertise are able to verify that the final product is of the highest quality before it reaches end users – premature new born babies. Our sensitive, simple drug detection ELISA test kits have been proven to be invaluable tools for ensuring the safety of breast milk before it leaves the milk bank.

Neogen’s line of drug of abuse ELISA kits have been validated for use with many different sample types, including breast milk. While drug testing of donors is common, breast milk testing is the safest way to assure drug-free samples.

With over 100 assays available, our forensic ELISA kits can detect over 300 major drug analytes and metabolites. Our kits have been fully validated with multiple automation systems, providing a variety of medium to high throughput, automated ELISA solutions for your laboratory.

Our forensic immunoassays are for screening purposes and intended for forensic use only. It is recommended that all suspect samples be confirmed by a quantitative method, such as HPLC/MS or GC/MS.

Forensic Testing Solutions


Drug Detection Kits

Neogen develops and manufactures ELISA kits to detect a wide range of drugs of abuse in a variety of sample types, including human milk. Years of use have proven that our rapid immunoassays provide ultrasensitive and dependable qualitative results.


Automated ELISA Equipment

Neogen offers fully and semi-automated equipment for use with our ELISA test kits. All of our ELISA test kits have been optimised for use with these automated platforms. Our fully automated ELISA equipment offers user-friendly software, precise and accurate liquid handling and provides a reliable and simple solution for high-throughput sample processing. Regardless of your automation needs, Neogen can provide a package that will meet your specific requirements.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Neogen offers a complete line of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, for your safety.