Fully Automated Equipment

Dynex ELISA System

Dynex Equipment

The DSX™ Automated Four-Plate ELISA System and the DS2™ Automated Two-Plate ELISA System were developed for small to medium-throughput processing of ELISAs with advanced automation and precise liquid-handling capabilities. Neogen’s specially-designed Single Line Reporting Software enhances the DSX Revelation and DS2 Matrix software’s reporting capabilities.

The DSX and DS2 automated processing systems feature:

Modular Design

  • Flexible configuration, simple upgrades, and quick module replacement

Process Security

  • Instrument self-diagnostics supports unmanned operation
  • Cover lock protects reagents and prevents interference

Ease of Use

  • Quick and easy installation, user-friendly control system, and minimal maintenance required
  • Excellent Performance
  • Precise liquid handling capability eliminates variations

Microlab STAR Workstation

Hamilton Equipment

The Microlab® STAR line of workstations was developed based on 50 years of expertise in liquid handling for fast and efficient assay automation and sample preparation. These innovative instruments were specifically designed for regulated laboratories to ensure full GMP-compliant operation.

The Microlab STAR automated liquid handling platform features

  • High throughput processing
  • Advanced pipetting technology
  • Easy-to-use VENUS software
  • Flexible design to allow easy instrument configuration
  • Broad range of testing applications

In addition to the Microlab STAR workstation Neogen offers the STARlet (medium - large volume sample lab) and the NIMBUS (small - medium volume sample lab) automated work stations.

Semi-Automated Equipment

Neogen also offers plate readers and plate washers from BioTek as well as technical support for these products.

BioTek’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative microplate detection instruments leads the market in versatility, performance and value. Their products include multi-mode readers, luminescence readers, and absorbance readers that complement a broad portfolio of applications in Drug Discovery, Life Science Research and Diagnostics. BioTek’s readers can be used as stand-alone device or easily integrated into automated systems.

BioTek’s line of plate washers is available for a wide range of applications. From the combination washer-dispenser to the basic microplate washer, BioTek has multiple liquid handling instruments to meet the needs of large to small volume laboratories.

Direct Purchase and Reagent Rental Program

Neogen offers a full line of Dynex and Hamilton automated equipment for use with our ELISA test kits. The equipment is available for direct purchase or through our Reagent Rental Program, which provides laboratories access to automation with a lower initial investment.

To take advantage of the Reagent Rental Program, customers agree to purchase a predetermined volume of test kits per year from Neogen, based on number of samples and required drug panel. Once an agreement is reached, Neogen will provide the automated equipment to the customer as a rental. The agreement is structured so the cost of the equipment rental, service contracts and test kits are merged, and spread over the duration of the agreement.

The Reagent Rental Program has proven to be a successful way for many of our customers to meet their automation requirements, while at the same time satisfying their ELISA test kit needs.

For assistance in determining your exact needs and selecting the best automated solution for your unique situation, or more details regarding the Reagent Rental Program, contact a Neogen sales representative.

Please contact a Neogen representative for more information.