Neogen ELISA Drug Detection KitProgesterone is a C-21 steroid secreted by the corpus luteum and the placenta. It is an important intermediate in steroid biosynthesis in all tissues that secrete steroid hormones. Progesterone is responsible for the progestational changes in the endometrium and cyclic changes in the cervix and vagina. The plasma progesterone level is useful in investigating the luteal function and monitoring ovulation.

This is an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) for the quantitative analysis of Progesterone levels in biological fluid. This test kit operates on the basis of competition between the enzyme conjugate and the Progesterone in the sample for a limited number of binding sites on the antibody coated plate.

The sample or standard solution is first added to the microplate. Next, the diluted enzyme conjugate is added and the mixture is shaken and incubated at room temperature for one hour. During the incubation, competition for binding sites is taking place. The plate is then washed removing all the unbound material. The bound enzyme conjugate is detected by the addition of substrate which generates an optimal color after 30 minutes. Quantitative test results may be obtained by measuring and comparing the absorbance reading of the wells of the samples against the standards with a microplate reader at 650 nm. The extent of color development is inversely proportional to the amount of Progesterone in the sample or standard. For example, the absence of Progesterone in the sample will result in a bright blue color, whereas the presence of Progesterone will result in decreased or no color development.

Standard Curve in EIA Buffer

Curve in EIA Buffer

Specificity (Cross-Reactivity)

Analytes Cross-Reactivity
Progesterone 100%
Deoxycorticosterone 2.5%
Corticosterone 2%
Pregnenolone 2%
Androstenedione 1%
17-Hydroxyprogesterone 0.40%
Testosterone 0.29%
Cortisol 0.20%
Cortisone 0.20%
Dehydroepiandrosterone 0.20%
Estradiol 0.20%
Estriol 0.20%
Estrone 0.20%


   80% B/B0 = 0.35 ng/mL
   50% B/B0 = 2.9 ng/mL
Assay Range: 0.4 - 40.0 ng/mL
Inter-Assay CV: ≤ 10%
Intra-Assay CV: ≤ 10%
Size: 96 well microplate
Assay Sample Size: 50 µL
Total Assay Incubation Time: 1.5 hours
Wavelength: 650 nm, 450 nm with acid stop
Storage Conditions: 4°C
Antibody: Polyclonal, Rabbit

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Product # Product Description
402310 Progesterone Kit, 96 well kit

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402310 - Progesterone, Instrucciones del kit [Inglés]

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