NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection Device
Neogen's oral fluid product line includes the NeoSal® Oral Fluid Collection System and a panel of oral fluid ELISA test kits optimized with the NeoSal device. We also offer the UltraSal-2, a split-specimen oral fluid collection device that can be used for multiple testing applications.

Our oral fluid ELISA kits include assays for cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, PCP and THC. All of our oral fluid kits are designed as ready-to-use assays that do not require dilution of the drug enzyme conjugate prior to assay setup. When using these kits with the NeoSal, no sample treatment is required prior to assay due to the built-in 1:4 dilution of the collection device. Samples do not need to be plunged, centrifuged, diluted or transfered to another test tube. Simply discard the collection pad and process the sample directly from the buffer tube.

Features of Neogen's Oral Fluid ELISA Kits:

  • Optimized with the NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System
  • High sensitivity
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Compatible with automated and semi-automated equipment
  • Available in 96 and 480 well assay

Ordering Details

Product # Product Description
120119 Cocaine/BZE (Oral Fluid)
120219 Methamphetamine (Oral Fluid)
120319 Opiates (Oral Fluid)
120419 PCP (Oral Fluid)
120519 THC (Oral Fluid)

Oral Fluid Multi-Analyte Calibrators

We also offer a set of oral fluid multi-analyte calibrators which consists of four, ready-to-use calibrators in a synthetic oral fluid matrix. This set is intended for the qualitative evaluation of NeoSal oral fluid samples when used with our oral fluid ELISA kits.

Low Positive
High Positive
Benzoylecgonine 0 ng/mL 2.5 ng/mL 5 ng/mL 10 ng/mL
S(+) Methamphetamine 0 ng/mL 6.25 ng/mL 12.5 ng/mL 25 ng/mL
Morphine 0 ng/mL 5 ng/mL 10 ng/mL 20 ng/mL
PCP 0 ng/mL 1.25 ng/mL 2.5 ng/mL 5 ng/mL
(-)Δ9-THC 0 ng/mL 0.5 ng/mL 1 ng/mL 2 ng/mL

Ordering Details

Product # Product Description
128100 Multi-Analyte Calibrator Set


In addition to our oral fluid ELISA kits we also offer over 100 forensic drug detection ELISA kits, many have been validated for oral fluid. Please see our All Forensic Drug Detection listing for our full line of ELISA kits.

For forensic use only.


Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.