Neogen® is proud to announce the release of our NeoSal® Oral Fluid Collection System. Our oral fluid collection device is designed for maximum ease-of-use at the collection site and testing laboratory.

Confident Collection

  • Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator (SVAI): Ensures appropriate and consistent sample volume is collected
  • Stimulant-Free Collection Pad: Collects sufficient volume without artificial stimulants
  • Quick Collection: Typical collection time is 1–2 minutes

Engineered Ease-of-Use

  • Unique Collector Handle Design: Twists directly into the Buffer Tube avoiding sample contamination and preventing the need to break the pad from the handle
  • No Additional Processing: No centrifugation or plunging necessary, discard collection pad and process sample
  • Automation Friendly: Buffer tube fits onto most standard automated instrument sample racks (12 x 75), eliminating transfer to additional tube
  • Additional Cap: Designed for long-term storage, stores in bottom of tube when not in use

Optimized Performance

  • Oral Fluid ELISA kits: Optimized with the NeoSal, samples can be assayed without additional sample preparation
  • Drug Recovery: Innovative proprietary buffer extracts adequate analyte concentration for consistent detection
  • Sample Stability: Buffer contains microbial growth inhibitors and ensures stability of the sample during transport

Simple Collection Process

Step One
Peel open package and remove oral fluid collection device. Do not eat or drink at least 15 minutes prior to collection.
Step Two
Pool saliva in mouth. Insert collector pad in mouth between cheek and gums.
Step Three
When a distinct blue line forms, remove collector from mouth. Typical collection time is 1-2 minutes.
Step Four
Remove blue cap and snap into bottom of the tube. Insert saturated collector pad into tube.
Step Five
Tighten white cap. Gently invert tube 4 or 5 times. Send sample to testing laboratory.

Ordering Information

Product # Product Description
128101-25 NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection Device, 25 pack

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