Neogen develops and manufactures a complete range of forensic drug screening assays that have multiple applications for academic, toxicology and pharmacology research. We offer forensic ELISA tests for multiple drug panels including opiates, stimulants, designer drugs and many others. Our forensic drug detection assays are an ideal solution for drugs of abuse research due to their extensive cross-reactivity and broad detection capabilities. Capable of detecting over 300 drugs and their metabolites in a variety of validated matrices including whole blood, serum, hair, urine, oral fluid, plasma, meconium, breast milk, and many others, our ELISA kits offer simple, sensitive solutions for a broad range of research applications.

Our forensic immunoassays are for screening purposes and intended for forensic use only. It is recommended that all suspect samples be confirmed by a quantitative method, such as HPLC/MS or GC/MS.

Research Solutions


Drug Detection Kits

Neogen develops and manufactures a diverse line of ELISA kits for a variety of research applications. Our portfolio of immunoassays provides ultra-sensitive, rapid and dependable, qualitative results for drug detection, in a wide range of sample and species types.

Research Kits

Research Kits

Neogen offers a complete range of quantitative research ELISA kits. With over 60 ELISA test kits available, we provide sensitive, quick and dependable detection of hormones, steroids, histamine and lipoxins. Our research kits are intended for research use only.



Substrates and Reagents

Neogen offers an expanding line of substrates and reagents for use within academic research. We offer multiple colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrate formulas for HRP and AP applications


Automated ELISA Equipment

We provide fully and semi-automated testing equipment to complement our range of ELISA testing solutions for the academia research industry. With enhanced performance features including user-friendly software, precise and accurate liquid handling and a choice of machines to meet your throughput needs, our automated ELISA equipment offers a reliable simple solution for any research facility.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Neogen offers a complete line of disposable gloves that is ideal for use in any laboratory setting.